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» NAME: 月野 うさぎ (Usagi Tsukino) [v2]
» SERIES: 美少女戦士セーラームーン (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)
» AGE: 19 20 21
» TIMELINE: 3 4 5 years after AU Manga!verse Post-Stars.
» AU HISTORY: Deviates starting from manga!verse Act 51..


She had been revered as the brightest star in the galaxy. Ordained by fate, she would always be the light that drove away the ultimate darkness and always bring about peace and hope to everyone around her.

Back then, she had been surrounded by all her loved ones; the ones that had fueled her strength -- her light so that it may shine for ages to come. Back then, they had been well. Most importantly they had been alive.

But then Galaxia came. A Sailor Senshi colored in gold striving to be the strongest senshi... to be more than she was. Galaxia came to the planet Earth after the shine of the Moon Princess and the Earth Prince shone a light on all of space and time. Shone with a bright light that promised a time of peace and prosperity to come for everyone. Galaxia, with the help of a being called Chaos, came to Earth with an entourage of senshi she had managed to ensnare and promptly attacked the Stars that protected the Moon Princess. Each one snuffed out and taken to her castle in the Zero Sagittarius System. The Castle would be the pathway that led to where the final battle would be. Nothing but the best suited Galaxia as she led Sailor Moon and her few remaining allies to the heart of space: the place where stars are sent to die and be reborn. The Galaxy Cauldron was the holiest place in the Galaxy and the waiting place of the evil being known as Chaos.

It was there that Sailor Moon confronted Galaxia. She fought to save her friends -- to save her soul mate -- to save her future but to add salt to an already bleeding wound, Galaxia threw the essence of her friends (special stars that were called Sailor Crystals) into the Galaxy Cauldron. She and her allies watched as all the crystals melted into a sea of white. But Galaxia wasn't done. Not long after, Galaxia sent the Golden Crystal to join the sea of white; to melt along with all the other Stars that had been thrown in.

The future that Sailor Moon had fought so hard for vanished. Her desperate hope that everything would be alright washed away as not only her soul mate, but her future daughter disappeared right before her eyes. The moment she beheld was the bleakest and darkest she had ever experienced, and in her despair, Galaxia offered this Star to Chaos in exchange for being the most power Sailor Senshi in all of the Galaxy. But Chaos, regardless of the "alliance" that he and Galaxia had, attacked all of them in order to reach Sailor Moon and her Star; only succeeding in crumbling the ground beneath Galaxia before Sailor Moon could reach for and save her. The Golden Senshi fell into the Galaxy Cauldron and disappeared only moments before it exploded into inky blackness.

The only thing that had possible saved her from being eaten up by the darkness was her only companion: Sailor Chibi Chibi.

When the Darkness finally settled around them, Sailor Moon listened as Chaos explained his diabolical plan: how he had done everything by breaking apart pieces of darkness within him and sending it to points of her life. The Dark Kingdom was there to ruin her past life on the moon as Princess Serenity and to bring her out in her new life as Usagi Tsukino. The Death Phantom was there to ruin her paradise of a future as Neo-Queen Serenity. Pharaoh 90, Nehelenia Queen of the Dark Moon and the misled Galaxia were just tools to cultivate the light of Sailor Moon's Star: To brighten it to its full potential so that it may finally join with Chaos.

Light and Dark have always been connected with each other. And perhaps had Chibi Chibi not been there, Sailor Moon would have given herself up in hopes that the balance of both beings together would stop all the fighting and suffering that this galaxy had been dealt. But, Chibi Chibi explains that the fighting will never end while Chaos exists. That with all the power that Chaos has consumed from the stars inside the Cauldron, he is nearly invincible and that he and the cauldron must be destroyed before his destruction is unleashed onto everything living.

With little time to dwell on perhaps another way to defeat Chaos, Sailor Moon stands. Chaos wanted everything; to take her powers as his own so that they can be together as he deemed it fit. Light and Dark. Yin and Yang. He wanted her and the entire galaxy no matter what the cost and that was something Sailor Moon couldn't give it.

There's dread that sinks to the bottom of her stomach when she finally makes her decision and with the last of her powers she jumps into the Cauldron, hoping to destroy it from the inside. The final power she has: Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power is utilized. The remnants of the Sailor Crystals that Chaos had consumed resonate with Sailor Moon's call and give her the strength she needs to destroy the Cauldron from its core. In the moments before the Cauldron is gone, the last bit of power from all her senshi shelter her from the destruction as their final way of protecting their princess, their friend and their most cherished person.

Time passes and she's not sure how long she had been unconscious, but she's still at the final standing ground. But before her is nothing but an expanse area of black: no life, no stars. The deed has been done, and Sailor Moon has successfully swung the sickle of death and snuffed out the lives of Sailor Chaos and all the innocent stars in the galaxy.

In place of Chibi Chibi, is another figure. A woman of silver and gold and a star on her forehead: a future version of herself named Sailor Cosmos who had mentioned coming from a time where she had run from the Cauldron and let Chaos destroy everything and anything it came across. But this future would be much different. It would be peaceful and yet lonely at the same time.

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