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melodies of life;; application

Name: Laura
Age: 32
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Character (Original Universe)
Name: Usagi Tsukino
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Canon: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Canon Point: manga!verse act 52 pre-timeskip
History: General History || Character History
Personality: At a first glance, Usagi looks and seems to be too naive for the world. She's bubbly. She's bright smiles and sunshine. Makes friends every where she goes. She prefers the fun routes and she whines when she's forced to do the mundane that's not fun or at all enjoyable (like homework or chores!). She enjoys gorging herself out sweets, reading manga, playing video games and staying up at night gossiping about the latest news and trends, and then ending up late to school in the morning. But, that's just one of the many facets that is gem of Usagi Tsukino and once you get to the real core, it's a surprise how someone with as much hardship as she's faced can still smile genuinely from day to day.

At the ripe age of 14, Usagi Tsukino was your typical Japanese middle school student. Ignorant of the real hardships surrounding the world, more focused on getting herself a boyfriend, wanting to be being showered with material wealth and affection. But, unlike all her other classmates, Usagi wasn't the type to sit back and let bad things happen to those who didn't deserve it. She's quick to stand up to those bullying the weak or the quiet or the strange. And it's this trait that helps her save a black cat being picked on by kindergarden boys. It's what drives her to make friends with the stuck up Super Genius. How she believes in the innocence of the beautiful Shinto Priestess accused of spiriting away droves of people. Why she refuses to be afraid of the Amazon rumored to have transferred schools due to her violent nature. All of these instances where she could have just sat back and let them be, she refused. She reached out to them. She believed in them without asking for anything back. And in return, they all became something much more to her, something that even death couldn't break apart: the unbreakable bond of being a Sailor Senshi.

Being found by Luna (the black cat she had saved previously) had opened up a whole new world to her. She was suddenly thrown into a fight she had no idea how to handle in order protect the innocent from the Dark Kingdom and to search for the ever elusive Moon Princess, the only one who would be able to stop this dark threat from destroying their home. And gosh being a responsible person was scary! And tiring! How could anyone live like this? But thoughts like that don't last very long in the fighting world. During this time, she's created bonds with her fellow senshi and (surprise surprise) fallen head over heels for the mysterious masked man who always saving her from harm. Except, her whole world is turned upside down once revealed she's the reincarnated Princess. A reveal that's takes roughly about a week for her to accept, but, eventually becomes a main motivator in her fight against the forces of evil trying to take over. Along with being a super heroine, she now has the ultimate power in the form of a Silver Crystal, a power that, in the wrong hands, could destroy anything and everything.

And yet, even bestowed a powerful artifact, finding out she was a princess and knowing that her past love had essentially started the downward spiral to the destruction of a whole entire civilization, Usagi still somehow manages to stay positive as well as keep her child-like demeanor. Even with more experiences under her belt, all the nearly fatal battles that almost end in complete disaster, it's her hope and her love for her friends and planet that power her to save the world and even the galaxy time and time again.

That's not to say that Usagi is the most perfect being in existence (although the series likes to make it seem like she was born that way). She loves her friends and family with every fiber of her being. Their bond is engraved into her very soul, but the moment her friends are in danger, when there's even the slightest hint that her safety net could be taken away, her main focus is not to protect the world or the people in it, it's to save her friends. It's to get back that sense of normalcy that she's grown to accept. In an extreme situation, like when Mamoru was suddenly killed and reduced to stardust in front of her, her brain forced a temporary amnesia to help her cope, only regaining the painful memories due to both Seiya forcing the issue and Jupiter and Mercury turning to stardust in the same day. She's possessive and can become easily jealous of anyone trying to move in on "her territory", as was what happened when Chibi-Usa first came into the picture, taking up most of Mamoru's time and attention.

She's very emotional with any of her desicions, which can be very good or bad depending on the situation but ultimately, Usagi always makes the choice that's right by choosing to let go of her negative feelings. She's hopeful for the future and all the good and bad that comes with it. She will not fall into despair because she has trust in everything and everything that she and her friends set out to accomplish and that in the end, everything will be as it should be: peaceful, full of life, and most importantly with the people she loves the most that love her in return.

Third-Person Sample: Link to the test drive!
Mognet Sample: [ Please enjoy handwriting that almost looks like a young school kid wrote it. It's still legible! Really!

Hello everyone!

My name's Usagi Tsukino. I'm 16 years old and your newest Hero of Light! ... I mean, I'm sure you guys get people coming in a lot if what Kuri's told me is true. Ah! Kuri's my Moogle! Actually her full name is Kupop Kuri but I like Kuri better! (She scolds me for using her last name. But, I can't help it! Her first name is hard to say!) But, I guess what I'm trying to say is I hope we can all work well together! [ Enjoy a small doodle of an undescript person bowing politely. ]

Paper and pen! When my moogle told me that this was how everyone communicated here outside of talking, I almost didn't believe her! It almost feels like we're all pen pals! That's so exciting! The last time I wrote a letter was when... [ Yes, that was intentionally scratched out. Why? Who knows. ] Well, anyway! Thanks for listening to me ramble! I can't wait to meet you guys!

- Usagi

Moogle Name: Kupopo Kuri
Moogle Gender: Female
First Job: White Mage
Second Job: Black Mage
Limit Break: Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power - This attack, when invoked, suddenly draws balls of light (almost like stars) towards Usagi, gathering around her until all the light seems to blend into one massive ball. When the light has grown to it's maximum size, all the balls of light split off, attacking the enemy party in a barrage of light. As an added bonus, Usagi's party members receive a small health regenerative boost as a residual effect of the limit break a few seconds after the lights dissipate.