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Name: Laura
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Character Name: Usagi Tsukino
Character Canon: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

History: General History || Character History

AU History:

[ I have permission to incoporate some of the Sailor Senshi in Usagi's AU history. :D ]

Usagi Tsukino was born to Kenji and Ikuko Tsukino. She is their first daughter followed by her younger brother Shingo. Her father is a reporter for the Union Tower radio station and newspaper, and on the occassion that she's got nothing planned, she whines and begs tags along on his field interviews. It definitely has its perks -- nice seats to the theater to watch as main stars Haruka Tenou and Michiru Kaioh practically dazzle the audience with their flawless acts and beautiful music -- good views from the Rhyhorn races -- great food from the contests at the beach during the summer. Many different things that normal middle and lower class would never be able to experience unless luck was on their side. Her mother volunteers at the local daycare where children and their pokemon learn to bond better with each other, as well as teaching everyone how to work together by honing their natural abilities and learning how to work as a team. She's also a home maker, so most of the time she's at home making sure the household runs smoothly (assuming that Usagi's not slacking off or picking on her brother as per usual).

She's grown up as a normal middle class girl -- trying to find her way around the big city and all the roles that could possibly suit her as well as finding her one true love and having a nice little family.

At least, that's what she'd like to believe. As it stands, Usagi is actually a reincarnation of a warrior that helped the Saviour back in the day. She and all of her companions helped to keep the human race from going extinct, and as the figurative head of her group, managed to keep most everyone from losing hope in a battle that almost seemed to destructive to win. It's quite unfortunate, however, that out of her entire group, she was the last to fall.

Canon Personality:

In the beginning of the series, Usagi is just your normal teenage girl. She's boy crazy, enjoys sweets and likes to whine about the things she doesn't have rather than cherish the things she does. She's also extremely lazy when it comes to any kind of work and would rather pig out at the Crown Parlor than do chores around the house. She's easy to make friends with as she does have a pretty easy going personality and a spark that seems to attract all her friends to her. She is also very easily excitable. Sometimes she doesn't really notice when she's imposing when it comes to fun and if she's fully immersed in something she's enjoying, it might take a swift kick in the back end or a good scolding to get her to realize she's being annoying.

But as it goes, throwing an innocent into battle changes them; for good or for bad.

It takes her a few tries to realize that her becoming a senshi isn't just a very bad dream, but she soon accepts it as reality and it's enough to kick start her brain into gear. Battle after battle, she's becomes a little more mature, a little more serious about saving the world. But it's when she finds out that /SHE/ is the person that she and her friends have been searching for, that things get real.

She, the Moon Princess, is the last heir to the fallen moon kingdom and the only one who can destroy the Dark Kingdom before it takes over Earth. It's not something she swallows very easily. She actually misses a few days of school because of all the stress she's going through but, it's because of her friends that she's able to stand on her two feet and keep going. In battle, as long as she has the support of her all her loved ones she can accomplish just about anything she puts her heart to.

During the series, it's a gradual thing where she matures bit by bit but she still retains her childish features. All throughout everything happening to her, she still clings to her happy ending. Her Prince and future husband. Her future daughter and a future of peace. Usagi is willing to fight for what she believes in and that usually revolves around protecting the innocent of earth, and giving them their choice to live as they choose.

You see this especially in the battles between the Death Phantom, Pharaoh 90, Queen Nehelenia, Galaxia and Chaos that no matter what battle, she protects the sanctity of the past, the importance of the present and the dream of the future by stepping up into the line of fire and facing her foes head on.

To make things short and sweet; This girl is energetic and bubbly. She loves making friends with people and while she has a tendency to urge people to do the things that she wants to do, she only has everyone's interests at heart and would never do anything to hurt anyone intentionally. She's a kind-hearted person who will go out of her way to make someone happy. She's protective of everyone, people close to her and people she has never met and will give anything and everything to make sure that they were safe and alive. No one's life is more important than the other and she's willing to give her life time and time again for their happiness.

AU Deviation:
As Usagi hasn't had to deal with the heart wrenching feeling of seeing those she loves die in front of her (multiple times in fact!), she's much more naive in a sense. She understands that there was a lot of bad stuff that happened in the past, which is why the human race is currently in the state its in right now. Usagi might take a lot more things for granted because of the lack of death in her life, but she still does under stand the importance cherishing time with loved ones and that friends are truly important. Her attitude and personality would fit more of her season one persona, where she's lazier, more whiny. What doesn't change is that she's still focused on the here and now of her life: getting to know people, living life to the fullest and making sure everyone's happy.

Canon Abilities: In her normal state, Usagi's pretty much a regular teenager. She doesn't have many attributes that makes her stand out at first glance. The only thing that she's got going for her is that in a heightened state of alert, she can sense danger in any form and where her friends are if they're within a reasonable distance from her. Once she's transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon, she can run faster, jump higher, sprout wings and fly through space. (It's how she's able to get from Earth to the center of the universe in canon!) She can also attack her enemies with white magicesque equivalent spells.

Magical Items:

Moon Pen: To the regular person, it looks just like an ordinary pen. But when she calls out, "MOON POWER, TRANSFORM ME INTO..." then it invokes the power to change her appearance to fit that she wants to be. Like say for instance, if she wants to dress up as a doctor she can. Or if she needs to infiltrate another school, she can use it to give her that schools' uniform. The disguises are endless.

Moon Chalice: When she is ready to fight, she calls out "Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!" and the golden chalice appears. It gives her the power to transform into her Eternal Moon Form. Nestled at the top of the stand with larger wings that replicate the wings on her brooch is a clear crystal orb that shimmers with white light when activated.

Maboroshi no Ginzuisho: Also known as the Silver Crystal. Passed down from generation to generation, this is Usagi's birthright as the Princess of the Moon. It has the power to banish the evil that may threaten the galaxy, rejuvenate the wounded from battle and at its highest power destroy whole worlds. The price one pays for using as much power from the Silver Crystal is their life, but it is the turning point in any battle and most enemies strive to attain it in order to win.

The staff that Eternal Sailor Moon can call upon when she's transformed is called the Eternal Tier. It's what she focuses all her power into so she can attack effectively.

Attack Powers:

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss: This is the first attack power Sailor Moon receives in her Eternal Form. Light based, it has a purification light that "cleanses" her enemies of the darkness / evil within them.

Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss: A much stronger version of the aforementioned power above.

Her hair ornaments act as sound amplifiers. In the first act of the manga, when she's transformed for the first time she starts whining and crying and her red hair ornaments on her odangos reverberated the cry causing the monster of the day to be stunned by the ear piercing cry.

Enlightened Abilities: Usagi's pokemon type is going to be Fairy/Psychic and her trainer abiility is: Kindred Soul.

As she's never really been in a life threatening fight, Usagi's abilities are more geared towards healing and protecting ones self, by means of looking absolutely adorable or just boosting up her own defenses so she can get out of a scrape by taking as little damage as possible. She's actually quite fast, but, she trips over herself a lot when she's panicked, which is most of the time. Her abilities in the beginning are limited since she's just starting out fresh as an Enlightened. The one she'll use a lot once she figures it out is something much like Disarming Voice as well as Cosmic Power and Heal Pulse to help her pokemon. (She'll eventually realize that in can help her human friends too, oops.)

When Usagi recieves her first evolution, her hair becomes a golden color as opposed to the regular blonde hair that she has, and her eyes are a much more vibrant blue. She's also finally acquired offensive abilities instead of just defensive and supportive attacks that are like Heart Stamp and Moonblast

In her second evolution, Usagi's hair turns a silver white, and while her eyes stay the same color, a golden upturned Crescent Moon appears on her head. Her abilites are stronger in this form, as well as she acquires the last of her abilities, all of them showing how far she is willing to save her pokemon companions as well as her human friends: Stored Power and Lunar Dance

Starter Pokémon: Cleffa (lv 8) and Oddish (lv 5).

Notes/Special Considerations: Eventually, I'd like to have Usagi gain the Eternal Tier for her first evolution, much like how Abra gains a Spoon whenever it evolves into Kadabra. But, down the line I would also like her to gain the Silver Crystal. Obviously, the power of the Crystal will be limited to the Mods request, but it's something that I'm not planning on for a long while.


First-Person: Test Run Samples!


It had been a very long day for Usagi. For one thing, she had been late to school again for the second time this week. While the need to save the tiny little Espurr from getting run over by a bicycle cart was a noble endeavor, it was still no excuse for practically crashing into her classroom door five minutes late. There was now a detention slip hidden away in Usagi's school bag, weighing her mood down considerably since it meant once that her mother came home, she would need to get the darned thing signed. Life was tough for Usagi Tsukino and all she could do was lay on her bed with her head completely emmersed in her pillow, dreading for the moment when her mother would finally walk through the front door.

"I'm home!" Was the voice that accompanied the sound of the door being unlocked and opened. Usagi could only wince in dread as she peeked from her pillow with one eye open. "Usagi! Come down here! I've got something for you!"

All she could do at that point was give a heavy sigh before glancing at the slip of paper sitting on her small work table in the middle of her room. "Me too...." With another sigh, Usagi finally pulls herself off of her bed and scoops up the piece of paper. There's a moment where she wants nothing more than to tear that scrap of writing into little itty bitty pieces, but that would probably end up getting her a punishment worse than grounding... no dessert for a whole week.

"Noooo, that'd be even worse!"

"Usagi! Hurry up!"

Well, it was now or never. Stuffing the detention slip in her back pocket, Usagi leaves the safety of her room and heads towards the living room of the house, where her mother is currently placing a large brown box on the coffee table in front of the couch. Well, that's a rather curious box. Was that what her mother wanted to show her? "Mama?"

"Ah, there you are!" Ikuko turns to look at her daughter, whispering softly as she motions her daughter on over. "Come here. Take a look."

Usagi makes her way on over to the box, and once she's in range, peers over the sides of the box to see a tiny baby Cleffa, confusion and worry filling her the longer she stared at the small thing. It was injured with a few bandages around an arm and a small band aid over its forehead, but there it was, sleeping peacefully on a bunch of towels, "...Mama! This is--"

"We found her near the day care center, beaten up and scared out of her mind. We think something may have picked a fight with the poor thing and that--" Ikuko's voice stops abruptly as the Cleffa quickly awakens to the sound of voices. It looks confused and almost panicked, but before Ikuko can get a say in to try and calm the baby down, Usagi's already kneeled to be close towards the pokemon. "Hey. It's okay, little one. We're not going to hurt you. You'll be okay." She reaches a hand into the box, poising it a few inches from the pokemon to give it a chance to meet her hand on its own terms.

The Cleffa stares warily at the hand, unsure about what's going on until it really takes a better look at who the hand is attached to. When Usagi's eyes finally stare into the Cleffa's, something practically lights up somewhere deep inside her mind. What was this feeling that was washing over her? This wasn't something Usagi had ever felt before. But, before she could even put into words how she was feeling, the Cleffa scoots a little closer until its forehead bumps up against Usagi's open hand. Once. Twice until its practically rubbing its head affectionately against her. "Awww! You're so cute!" And like that, Usagi carefully reaches in to hold the Cleffa up, trying not to aggravate any kind of injuries the baby might have. Except the Cleffa has another agenda and practically leaps at Usagi's head with a happy "FA!"


"I think she likes you, Usagi." Ikuko laughs amusedly as the Cleffa shakily climbs up the long strands of Usagi's hair until she's finally found a spot atop Usagi's head right between the two odangos. There's a moment where it's obvious that Usagi is torn on taking the Cleffa off her head, but decides against it as the Cleffa ends up curling up and taking a snooze. "That's good. Because, I was planning on giving her to you."

"Eh? For me?!" That was a shocker. Usagi hadn't expected that the Cleffa was going to be the newest addition to the house, much less her first pokemon companion. The idea was both terrifying and exciting at the same time. She hadn't even thought about finding her own pokemon friend, and yet now one was being handed to her? "A-are you sure?" Usagi tries not to tilt her head too much so the Cleffa doesn't fall up, but, she does it enough to glance up at the sleeping baby. She could already feel herself growing attached to the Cleffa the longer she was in its presence.

"Of course! Your brother's already got his first pokemon companion. His older sister should have hers too."

"Thank you, Mama! I'll take good care of her! I promise!" Now, she had to come up with a good name for her companion. Possibly go through a list of names and see which one her Cleffa really liked! Usagi turns to head back towards her room completely forgetting about the detention slip sticking up in her back pocket until she feels it being pulled from her shorts and hears the sound of her mother unfolding the paper. "Usagi, what's this?"

Shoot. She was in so much trouble.


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